Standing External Rotations

🤦‍♂️ Standing Dumbbell External Rotation "warm ups" are a huge pet-peeve of mine. Look, I get it. Your arm looks super swoll and jacked when doing it so it must mean it's working right?   💪🏻 Oh…sure it's working. But probably not in the fashion it was intended to. That arm is looking jacked because its your bicep muscle groups working to hold the 30lb dumbbell in the air, not necessary your rotator cuff muscles holding the DB.   🤔 Doing an shoulder external rotation moment is typically designed for the cuff - in particular the teres minor and the infraspinatus which perform shoulder glenohumeral external rotation. Are they active in the standing DB variation? Yes, but they are only actively working across gravity.   ↔️ To better isolate the cuff in standing, you need to make sure the line of resistance is horizontal ie using cables or bands to apply an internal rotation moment to the shoulder.   👍 If you want to use a DB, try lying on your side where gravity can now work DOWN and you can use DB appropriately.   🌎 Gravity works down!!!
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