Staggered Shoulder Ys

  • HOW: Begin in a staggered stance position, then lean your trunk forward by hinge at the hips. Once in this position bring both arms facing the ceiling while making sure the thumbs are face facing towards the ceiling. Focus on pulling your shoulder blades back and down. Your arms should end in a Y formation.
  • BALANCE PROGRESSION: Focus on balancing on the front leg while performing the Y. Keep your back leg slightly elevated off the floor.
  • STRENGTH PROGRESSION: Step on a long band with the front leg while keeping both ends of the band in your hands. Perform the Y exercise with additional resistance the band will provide you.
  • FEEL: You should feel the muscles in between your shoulder blades working in addition to the muscles around your shoulder.
  • COMPENSATIONS: Avoid shrugging or excessively arching the low back as you perform this.

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