Staggered Exercises

Staggered stance exercises can be a great way to bias one leg. . In rehab, staggered stances are often can be used to take load off certain tissues. Or conversely, it can be used to add load to tissue. All depends on the goal. . From a performance mindset, a staggered position can be used as a transition to true single leg exercises when people need extra stability from the hind leg. Or, you can "load up a movement" more with a staggered position than you could in a true single leg position, like in the staggered RDL video. Again, all depends on the goal. . I've included some split stance movements as well. A split stance is a regression of a staggered stance for the most part. In both positions, you typically want to put more load through the lead leg than the hind leg, but again this will depend on the exercise. . Tag a friend you want to try some of these out on! And S/O to @benbrunotraining as I first saw the staggered  or B stance hip thrust on his page performed by none other than @kateupton!
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