Squat Running – In Place

  • HOW: Start in a squat position. While maintaining a squat position, slowly begin running in place at your desired and comfortable pace. In terms of running form, opposite arm and leg move forward and stay on the front of your foot (forefoot) while performing this exercise. Ignore the wrong instructions where I show same arm up as the same leg I am standing on!
  • FEEL: This should feel like a full body workout that will get your heart rate up. You will feel your legs doing most of the work, especially your quads and calves.
  • COMPENSATION: Focus on good running form (see video for tips and details). Stay 'soft' with your impacts to begin, however the faster you go the louder your impacts will be, and that is ok. Maintain your squat position - think 'don't hit your head on the ceiling' as you may get tired you may want to stand tall!

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