Split Stance Single Arm Shoulder Press – Landmine

  • HOW: Start in a split stance position with one leg forward and the other back. Hold the barbell with one hand only (the hand on the side where the leg is back). Let your knees and hips bend a bit and explosive return to starting position to generate power and speed on the barbell. You should think of squishing a bug with your back toes. As your return to your starting position, push the barbell overhead as fast as you can.
  • FEEL: You should feel all the muscles in your body working. In particular, you should feel like you are generating the power in your hips, transferring through your core, and then into your shoulder and hands into the barbell.
  • COMPENSATION: Try your best to make it one smooth motion. Do not let your hips and knees overly-bend to generate power. It should just be a little bend/dip.

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