Split Stance Lunge – Band

  • HOW: Start in a standing split stance position with a band anchored under your front foot and around the top of your upper back. Hold onto the band in each hand - try to position the band similarly to how you would position a barbell in a back squat. Begin the exercise by performing a split stance lunge, lower your body down directly towards the ground by bending your hip and knee. Then push through the ground against the resistance of the band to return to starting position and repeat.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a lower body workout, specifically your glutes and your quadriceps muscles. You should have at least 80% of your weight on the front leg, think of the back leg as a kickstand to help with balance.
  • COMPENSATION: All of the same rules apply with your traditional split stance lunge. Do not excessively arch your back, control the band resistance, maintain good trunk and shoulder blade position, do not lean side to side, do not shift your weight backwards onto your back leg. 

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