Split Stance Lunge – Anti-rotation

  • HOW:  Begin by placing a strap looped through one shoulder as shown in the video. Move into a split stance by placing with the back heel off the ground. Be sure to place 70-80% of your weight in your front leg and 20-30% in your back leg. Slowly lower yourself down, and then come back up.
  • FEEL:  You should feel all of the thigh muscles and butt muscles working, primarily in the forward leg. You may also feel your core work with this variation.
  • COMPENSATION:  Avoiding having an over-arched or rounded back – keep a neutral spine with core engaged. Don’t let the knee cave in or bow out. Keep equal weight distribution in the entire foot of the forward leg. Avoid rotating towards the anchor, resist the pull to keep your hips facing forward throughout this motion.

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