Split Squat Lunges With Band

  • HOW:โ€ฏ Begin in a split stance position with a band on around and above your knees by placing the non-affected leg backwards with the heel off the ground. Be sure to place 70-80% of your weight in your front leg and 20-30% in your back leg. Slowly lower yourself down while keeping tension on the band by pushing out, and then come back up.
  • FEEL:โ€ฏ You should feel all of the thigh muscles and butt muscles working, primarily in the forward leg.
  • COMPENSATION:โ€ฏ Don't lose tension on the band. Avoiding having an over-arched or rounded back โ€“ keep a neutral spine with core engaged. Donโ€™t let the knee cave in or bow out. Keep equal weight distribution in the entire foot of the forward leg.

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