Spanish Squat Isometrics

  • HOW: Get set up in a standing position with bands wrapped behind your knees and anchored to a sturdy surface. Depending on the band set up - you may have 1 band around both knees or use two bands - below the knees tends to be easier to set up and feel more comfortable. To begin the exercise, take a step back to get tension on the band(s). While keeping tension on the band, squat down by sitting your butt back as low as you can while keeping your chest up - hold this position for the time instructed.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a lower body workout, especially your quads. The rest of your body and your legs will be working as well to maintain ideal form and position.
  • COMPENSATION: Focus on keeping your chest up and sitting your butt back - this will help to isolate your quads better. Your knees should be stacked over your feet, don't let your knees cave in. As you get tired, fight the urge to stand taller, stay low in your squat.

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