Soccer Specific Ankle Prehab

Ankle sprains are one of the most common sport injuries, especially in soccer. Getting soccer touches going again is one of my primary goals early in rehab. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch these exercises or perform them until after you get injured! If you play soccer frequently or plan to play again, take a proactive prehab approach now and address those ankles! Demonstrated in this video are some ankle exercises with a soccer ball. You could perform these during your warm-up, as a drill in your practice, or as an active-cool down. What is unique about a soccer ball is that you can use it to mimic movement tests that we use as PTs. You can appreciate this concept with the clip showing a modification of the forward reach test - reaching forward with my foot on the ball. Why the forward reach test? This tests ankle ROM in the foot that is on the ground and not in contact with the ball Simply adding a soccer ball to exercises for soccer players is an excellent way to make the session that much more enjoyable
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