Soccer Single Leg Stability

In this video, I demonstrate a few single leg (SL) stability exercises utilizing a soccer ball and employing some common soccer techniques. The first exercise is a simple volleying drill. We challenge the SL stability more by not allowing the player to place his or her kicking leg down between volleys. This exercise promotes SL stability while performing a dynamic task with the contralateral side. Players should feel the muscles of their stabilizing leg working with adequate repetitions. Watch for excessive lateral trunk lean, excessive femoral IR and knee valgus of the stabilizing leg, and stabilizing knees locked into extension. The next exercise is a skater hop pass. Here, you want to make sure the players are landing with enough knee flexion (greater than 30 degrees) and avoiding excessive trunk lean and knee valgus. The third exercise is a single leg RDL to a volley. This exercise promotes eccentric calf and hamstring control as well as working SL dynamic stability. The final exercise is single leg passing with external perturbations. This is a reactive drill which requires players to balance on their stance leg while performing a dynamic task (passing or shooting) with the added challenge of having to maintain balance while being gently pushed medially and laterally. This helps to mimic a game situation in which a defender would be making contact with the player on the ball while the player is passing or shooting. Coaching Cues: 1) Keep laces down during laces volleying (helps players lock their kicking ankle) 2) Keep your shin guard in line with your laces on your stabilizing leg (don't let the knee cave in medially)
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