Snow Angel Assessment

This assessment will look at your shoulder mobility, specifically shoulder abduction. You will start by laying down on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Next, you will keep your back flat on the ground to help standardized the assessment position. Start with your palms facing up and arms down at your side. Begin to slide the arms along the floor up towards your head while keeping the elbows straight, similar to if you were going to make a snow angel (if you’ve ever made one before), keep sliding those arms up until you find the point where you are no longer able to keep the back of your hands, arm, or low back flat on the floor, this will be the stopping point for the assessment. Prehab Goals & Normative Values: Ability to keep the backside of your hands on the ground for the entirety of the motion. Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.
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