Sleep Prehab

Here is an easy night time (Or Morning) mobility flow. This will help with a few things: ✅Calming down your nervous system prior to sleeping. Which is why I emphasis importance of breathwork while performing this ✅Improve Recovery after an intense workout ✅Improve tissue extensibility or flexibility . Here are 5 different exercises you should implement to your sleep routing, the first three are dynamic stretch's, the following two are static holds. With all of these focus on your breathe, in through the nose and out through the mouth. . 1️⃣Hip Flexion to hamstring stretch (perform 5 repetition's per side) 2️⃣Hip Adductors to Hip Flexor stretch (perform 5 repetition's per side) 3️⃣Modified Downward <> <Modified Upward Dog (perform 5 repetition's) 4️⃣Posterior Hip Stretch (Perform 1 min. per side) 5️⃣Levator Scapulae Stretch (Perform 1 min. per side) .
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