Single Leg Wall Sit – Band

  • HOW:  Get set-up with a band around your knees and your back against a wall with your feet about a foot away from the wall. Lower your hips down against the wall until your thighs are at most parallel to the ground, then lift one foot off the ground, kick the knee straight, push out against the band and hold this position.
  • FEEL:  You will primarily feel the muscles on top of your thigh and your butt muscles working hard, you may feel some pressure in the front of your knee. Your hips will be working hard to keep your waist parallel to the ground as well and keeping tension in the band.
  • COMPENSATION:  Do not lean side to side, do not let your hip drop, make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and they are far enough from the wall, otherwise your knees may be very over your toes, which will put more pressure on the knees unless desired.

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