Single Leg Squat – Band Around Knees

  • HOW: Place a band above and around your knees. Start in a standing position balancing on one leg with the other leg in the air out to the side and behind you - this will put tension on the band. Perform the exercise by letting your hip and knee bend to squat down, lower down as far as you can. Then stand tall and repeat. Maintain tension on the band the entire time by keeping your other leg in the air in the right position.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a lower body workout, specifically your glutes and quadriceps muscles. The band will make the outside of your hips work harder
  • COMPENSATION: All of the same rules apply with your general single leg squat form, maintain good trunk control - do not lean too much side to side. Maintain a level pelvis, stay strong and aligned through your hip and knee. It is ok for your knee to go forward over your toes, but also let your hip bend and push your butt back, your trunk will learn forward and that is ok too. Do not lose tension on the band.  

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