Single Leg RDL – Rear Foot Slide

  • HOW: Begin in a standing position with a majority of your weight on one leg. Next focus on hinging primarily at the hips. This is achieved by bring your torso forward and pushing your butt back. As your torso comes forward the sliding leg will slide backwards. Lower yourself as far as comfortable, then pull yourself upright by using the muscles in the back of the legs. Squeeze your butt once you are upright to ensure that you stand fully erect. The leg in the back is there to give you some stability, make sure the leg in the front is doing close to all of the work here.
  • FEEL: You will the muscles in the back of the leg work with this exercise. As you hinge over you will feel a pull in the hamstrings, the upper thigh muscles.
  • COMPENSATION: Avoiding rounding the back as your lean your torso forward. Movement should primarily be at the hips. Don’t allow the knees to go forward past your toes with this exercise.

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