Single Leg RDL – Quick, Weight Drop

  • HOW: Start by holding a weight or an object in one hand while balancing on the opposite leg. Perform the exercise by doing a traditional single leg RDL, however, lightly 'let go' of the weight/object and catch it before it hits the ground. Return to starting position and repeat.
  • FEEL: This is designed to make you perform a quick RDL to increase eccentric muscle activation of the hamstrings. You should feel your hamstrings and your glutes working with this exercise, you may also feel your back as well.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not let the object completely drop, you have to catch it. Maintain good single leg RDL form with a proper hip hinge, do not excessively bend your back. Do not lose your balance side to side, focus on quality of movement first versus speed.

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