Single Leg RDL – Pallof Press

  • HOW: Get a band anchored between waist and shoulder height. Hold onto the band so it is directly to the side of you, your torso should be perpendicular to the band. Balance on one foot (ideally the foot further away from the anchor), while holding the band close to your chest with both hands, perform a single leg RDL motion. As you return to starting position, drive the knee up on the side that the leg is in the air and simultaneously reach out with your arms directly in front of you as far as you can to perform a pallof press. Hold this position for a moment, then repeat.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a lower body and balance exercise as well as a core exercise with the pallof press motion. If it is too challenging, you can stand on the leg that is closer to the anchor as that is a regression.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not compensate with the SL RDL motion - perform a good hip hinge while maintaining a flat back. Do not lose balance, do not let the band twist/rotate your torso when you perform the pallof press.

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