Single Leg RDL – Ipsilateral Kettlebell

  • HOW: Get a weight set up in one hand and pick your foot up off the ground that is on the opposite side of the weight. Keeping your shoulder packed while gripping the weight tight, slowly lower the weight down to the ground just outside your foot by hinging at your hip while keeping your back straight. Return to the standing position and repeat.
  • FEEL: You should feel your hamstrings and glutes working very hard to control the lowering phase and initiating the return to standing phase. You should also feel your core working hard to keep your low back in a good position and not arching or rounding.
  • COMPENSATION: Be sure to keep your back straight by keeping your core tight. Also, do not let your pelvis/hips rotate excessively. Think if you were wearing a belt buckle - keep the belt buckle facing forward and not rotating or tilting. Also, be sure to focus on keeping your balance and not leaning too much side to side.

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