Single Leg Hop – Supported

  • HOW: Start with one knee supported on a bench or elevated surface. Place as much weight on that side as you'd like in order to off-weight the leg you're standing on. To begin the exercise, slightly lower down by letting your hip and knee bend, then hop in place, focus on a soft landing, return to starting position and repeat.
  • FEEL: You should feel all of the muscles in your leg that you're standing on working, specifically your glutes, quads, and calf. It depends on how much weight you're putting on that side. You should also feel your muscles working more versus pressure or stress on your knee joint.
  • COMPENSATION: Maintain good balance and trunk position, do not lean side to side. Do not land with a stiff/straight knee or make a lot of noise. The goal here is to work on confidence with single leg landing and working on a soft landing.

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