Single Leg Hip Thrust Pulse, Band Around Knees

  • HOW: Loop a band around your knees. Place your upper back onto an elevated surface, preferably a bench. Keep your feet flat on the ground with your knees bent and hips down to start with. Bring one knee slightly up towards your chest lifting your foot off of the ground. Push into the ground with your other heel and lift your hips up activating your glutes and hamstrings. Lower your hips down a quarter of the way, pause, then push your hips back up as far as you can before you lower them down to the starting position. 
  • FEEL: You should feel glutes, hamstrings, and core working as you thrust up and pulse. You will also feel your other hip’s hip flexor muscles working to keep that leg up. 
  • COMPENSATION: Don’t allow movement in your upper back, only move your hips. Keep the one hip above the other.

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