Single Leg Heel Raise – TKE

  • HOW: Get set-up standing with a band around and above the knee with the band anchored in front of you. To perform the exercise, stand away from the anchor so that there is tension on the band so that it wants to pull your knee forward. Lift your other leg up so you are just standing on one leg. Push hard and backwards against the band by squeezing your quadriceps and pushing your knee back until it is fully straight. Keeping your knee straight, lift your heel off the ground, and then lower. Repeat.
  • FEEL: You will feel your quads working with this exercise. You may also feel a stretch behind your knee in the calf and hamstring region when your knee is straight.
  • COMPENSATION: Focus on staying tall with your chest up as you perform this exercise. Do not lose tension in the band and keep your knee straight the entire time.

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