Single Leg Heel Raise Strength Test

Test DESCRIPTION: The Single Leg Heel Raise Strength Test is a reliable tool developed and used to evaluate plantarflexion strength. Please watch the video to get a visual demonstration of how to perform the test and what to be mindful of. Below you will find a description of how to do so. Test INSTRUCTIONS: Get set up standing barefoot on a firm surface near a wall or sturdy object to help with balance. Begin the test by balancing on one leg with the other leg lifted in the air, then perform as many heel raises as you can with good form on the side that you're standing on. You can use the wall or sturdy object near you for balance, but don't use it to your advantage to off-load weight. Focus on achieving full heel height with each rep and not letting your knee bend. Take a break and perform on the other side, record your score. Some rules to remember with this assessment. Your test ends when you can no longer reach ideal heel height or your knee is excessively bending when you go to lift your heel. Ideally, you're performing each rep with good form as well, so end the test if your balance is all over the place, you're rushing the reps, or having trouble holding the end-position due to fatigue. Be sure to reference the entire video again before performing this assessment again on both sides to improve your performance. NORMS: Healthy subjects= 25 reps Subjects with pathology = 17 reps Prehab Goal = 25+ reps REFERENCE: Hebert-Losier, K., R. J. Newsham West, A. G. Schneiders, and S. J. Sullivan. "Raising the standards of the calf-raise test: a systematic review." J. Sci. Med. Sport 12:594–602, 2009
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