Single Leg Fire Hydrant – Wall Support, Band

  • HOW:  Start against a wall and put your back toes on it gentle, keeping the majority of weight on your front leg. Stand on the front leg leg with a slight bend in your hip and knee. Using a band above the knees, push your opposite knee out and back at a 45 deg angle and hold this position for a second. Then slowly bring your knee back to the starting position. The wall is only there for balance. Repeat.
  • FEEL:  You should feel both glutes working, but especially on the side that has the foot on the ground.
  • COMPENSATION:  Don’t let your hips rotate out, don’t arch your back, don’t let your knee cave in on the side you’re standing on, do not lean your torso side-to-side. Do not lean backwards into the wall! Your foot back there is just for balance

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