Single Leg Fire Hydrant – Feed In, Feed Out, Band

  • HOW: Get set-up standing on one leg with the hip and knee slightly bent while holding a clam motion with the other leg with a band on around your knee. While maintaining this motion, feed in and out of your hip by moving your pelvis on your hip. Think of if you were wearing a belt - you are turning your belt buckle in followed by turning out. Try to keep your pelvis and shoulders square as you rotate.
  • FEEL: You should feel your hip muscles, especially the outside of your hip on the side you're standing on working to perform and control this motion. You will also feel muscles in the rest of your leg working including your calf and maybe your arch. You will also feel your hip working on the side that you have your leg in the air.
  • COMPENSATION: Perform this movement slowly, keep a neutral trunk and low back position, try to perform strict rotation of your pelvis on your hip versus leaning side to side or bend more or less at your hip.

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