Single Leg Bent Over Row – Dumbbell

  • HOW: Begin in a standing position standing on one leg and hold the dumbbell in the hand opposite of the leg you are standing on. From this position, hinge forward at the hips reaching down with the weight, at the bottom of the hip hinge position, perform a row motion by starting with your arm straight, initiate the row motion by pulling the shoulder blade back and bend the elbow of the arm holding the weight as you pull your elbow to the side of your torso.
  • FEEL: You will feel the muscles of your leg working including your quads, hamstring, glutes and foot muscles as well as the shoulder muscles and muscles surrounding the shoulder blade when performing the row motion.
  • COMPENSATION: Be sure to perform a hip hinge by rocking the torso forward and  pushing back the hips, keep a slight bend in the knee but don’t perform a single leg

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