Single Leg Balance – Foam Pad

  • HOW: Position yourself standing in a corner with your back to it, or with a wall, chair, or sturdy object near you. Pick up one foot and balance on the leg that is in contact with the ground on a foam pad or unstable surface like a pillow. Focus on standing upright and not letting yourself lean side-to-side or forward or backward.. It is ok to let your hip and knee bend a little bit.
  • FEEL:  You should feel like your balance is being challenged. If you’re having difficulty maintaining your balance, use fingertips on the surface near you as needed or try to focus on an object in the distance or near you with your eyes.
  • COMPENSATION: Try not leaning too much side to side or forward/backward. Put your foot down or grab the wall or sturdy object to avoid a fall if you lose your balance.

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