Single Arm TRX Row And Bent Over Row With Kettlebell

Find yourself doing the same back and core exercises!? Are you consistently short on time trying to squeeze in a workout? Are you interested in the most bang for your buck exercises to work in on back day with a little bit of core work at the same time? One of the easiest ways to train your core while focusing on other regions of the body is to perform unilateral exercises (single arm/leg). Performing one-sided exercises imposes rotational forces to the body, thus the core has to work in order to resist and control the rotation of the body. Demonstrated here are two exercises focused on strengthening the back while working the core. It is important to first build a foundation in which you can control resisting rotation with anti-rotation exercises such as a pallof press (check out the new ‘core’ tag under exercise library!) I like to program these exercises with 3 to 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps each side after performing a bilateral back exercise such as pull ups, rows, or deadlifts.
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