Single Arm Tall Plank Shoulder Rotation – AROM

  • HOW: Begin in a plank position with your scapula engaged. You can see the protraction of the scapula, maintain this position for the entirety of this exercise. With the elevated arm rotate your shoulder from overhead down towards your hips. Keep your arm up towards the ceiling as high as you can for the entirety of this movement. To progress this exercise, stabilize the resistance band on your stabilizing arm, with the elevated arm you can now move with the band.
  • FEEL: Don’t twist your body as you try to bring your arm back, maintain the plank position.
  • COMPENSATION: Make sure to keep the core engaged here- Avoid rotation of the trunk. You can regress this exercise by going onto your knees, this will decrease over demand at the core and shoulders. Try this variation before progressing into the exercise shown here.

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