Single Arm Rotating Snatch – Dumbbell

  • HOW: Begin by placing a dumbbell on the ground in between your legs. Bend your knees and hinge forward at the waist while one arm is holding onto the dumbbell. From here, forcefully pull the dumbbell straight up overhead as you straighten your back, rotate your hips and body about 90 degrees to the side that is pulling the dumbbell up, and position your feet in a lunge like position with one foot back. Both feet should be pointing in the direction you turned to. Reset to the starting position and repeat for the prescribed amount of reps. 
  • FEEL: You will feel a lot of muscle groups working during this complex movement. Particularly, your core, shoulder, and leg muscles. 
  • COMPENSATION: Make sure to rotate towards the side that is pulling the dumbbell up.

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