Unilateral Kettlebell Swing

  • HOW: Get a kettlebell positioned about 1.5-2 ft. in front of you as if you were to hike a football. Hip at your hips and keep a flat back as you go to grab the kettlebell with one hand and pack your shoulder and shoulder blade. Hike the kettlebell backwards between your legs and then swing the kettlebell forward to shoulder height using your legs. Be sure to have your opposite arm mimic the same arm motion as the arm that is holding the kettlebell.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a full body workout. However, your legs, especially your glutes and hamstrings should be working overtime with KB swings. Your core will also be working extra hard to fight the anti-rotation of your trunk. If you feel the front of your shoulder or chest working overtime, you may not be using your legs enough. At the top of the swing it should feel like the kettlebell is ‘floating’ for a second.

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