Single Arm Hip Hinge Pull Through – Band

  • HOW: Anchor a band at a lower level closer to the ground. In a standing position, face away from the anchor and grab onto the band with one hand holding it underneath you. Start in a tall standing position with a slight bend in the knees. Hinge forward at the waist with your hand going back with the band. From here, drive your hips forward and push into the ground with your legs while pulling the band to return your body to the upright starting position. 
  • FEEL: You should feel your glutes, hamstrings, and hip muscles working as you hinge forward and come back up. Your shoulder muscles are working as they pull the band. 
  • COMPENSATION: Don’t curve your back, keep it flat. Don’t have too much movement in the arm holding the band, let the band pull your arm back and keep it down and in front of you as you pull it back up.

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