Single Arm Floor Press – Single Leg Bridge Position

  • HOW: Start laying flat on your back with your knees bent to at least 90 degrees. With a weight or object supported in one hand, bridge up by lifting your hips off the ground only on the same side you're holding the weight/object, the other leg can be bent and supported in the air. While holding the top of the single leg bridge position, perform a bench press motion with your arm on the same side you're bridging with, lower your arm all the way down until it touches the ground and repeat. Your arm can be angled 45 degrees from your torso, or however you prefer. Your other arm can pushing into the ground for support and balance.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a full body workout, your glute will be working to keep your hips off the ground, your hip flexor will be working to support your other leg in the air, your core will be working to keep your torso still and tight, and your arm will be working with the floor press.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not lose the top of the bridge position, do not let your hips sag or rotate, do not let your back excessively arch or bend, do not let your torso rotate. All of the same rules apply with a regular floor press form, at the top of the press the weights/objects should be positioned over your shoulders.

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