Side plank row – knee drive band

  • HOW: Anchor a band to the wall at a height that lines up with your top shoulder. Get set up in a side plank with your top arm outstretched holding the band. With your top arm, pull the band into a row position by allowing your elbow to bend pulling against the band As you pull the band into a row, drive your top knee up towards your chest. Repeat for the prescribed repetitions as you stay in the side plank position.
  • FEEL: You should feel the front and back of shoulder, obliques, and side glutes of the side closest to the floor working. For the opposite side, you should feel the lats, hip flexors, and side glutes working.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not pull backĀ  your shoulder blade or allow your hips to drop. Additionally, do not let your top knee drop below the horizontal line as you flex your hip. During the row, do not rotate your hips forward or backwards - keep them stationary.

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