Side Plank Endurance Assessment

The Side Plank Endurance Assessment is a reliable tool developed and used to evaluate core, trunk, and hip muscle strength and endurance while minimizing load on the lumbar spine. Please watch the video to get a visual demonstration of how to perform the test. Below you will find a description of how to do so. Get set-up laying on your side with your elbow positioned under your shoulder and your forearm flat supported on the ground perpendicular to your body. Have your feet stacked, then lift your hips up and off the ground and push them forward. There should be a straight line from your feet to your shoulders. Hold this position as long as you can with good form. Perform on the other side, write down your scores below. Some rules to remember with this assessment. The test ends if and when (1) your max hip height cannot be sustained, (2) you're sagging through your shoulder, (3) you're excessively rotating your body.   Prehab Goals & Normative Values: 30 seconds each side   Prehab Goal: 60 seconds each side Reference: McGill, Stuart M., Aaron Childs, and Craig Liebenson. "Endurance times for low back stabilization exercises: clinical targets for testing and training from a normal database." Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 80.8 (1999): 941-944.   Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.
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