Side Plank Cueing and Progressions

The sideplank is a stable of many of our [P]Rehab programs because it truly hits the entire body. Most think of the sideplank as a “core” or “oblique” exercise only; when it fact if cued correctly can also be a killer hip and shoulder exercise as well! Pay attention to the cues Mike is giving arash for the ultimate side plank!   The traditional side plank on your elbow and feet is a good starting place for many. However, if the side plank is too hard or too easy, DON’T just give up and find a new exercise. There are a ton of slight modifications you can make just to the position to make it easier or harder.   I will always stress MICROchanges >> MACROchanges. Meaning change the desired exercise slightly to get what you want out of it - whether that’s increasing/decreasing the demand, working into more/less ROM, or working around pain.   Let us know if you like these tutorial style videos!   If you’re interested in learning more about how we program the various forms of sideplanks for our clients, check out our Knee and Shoulder [P]Rehab programs here:
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