Bad Exercise? Shrugs vs Overhead Carries and Farmer’s Walks

Shrugs are often utilized to develop huge and enormous traps. But are overly developed upper traps something we really want, from a biomechanical and movement based perspective? As we discussed in episode X, proper scapular upward rotation is essential to shoulder mobility. The 3 primary scapular upward rotators are the #serratusanterior, #lowertraps, and #uppertraps. Most commonly, the upper traps are OVERDEVELOPED in individuals while the serratus anterior and lower traps are UNDERDEVELOPED. So working on serratus anterior + lower trap strength and motor control, as we depicted in episodes X, are a must for your shoulder health. However, building a strong and functional upper back IS something every athlete needs. And if building a strong upper back is the goal, why not train the upper traps in a FUNCTIONAL way? As shown, farmer carriers or overhead carriers are a great, functional way to train the upper traps and develop a strong upper back.
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