Improve Your Shrug

Whenever you perform an exercise you should ask yourself "what is my goal with this exercise and am I meeting that goal?" . If your goal is to shrug better take notes on this episode! Or save it so you can perform it correctly at the gym. Shown on the left is a less effective way to strengthen the upper trapezius. Shown on the right is a much safer and more effective way to strengthen your upper traps. . ❌ - Avoid excessive rounding of the spine, known as excessive kyphosis ❌ - Avoid bringing your head into extension as you go through this movement. If anything, try to maintain a slight chin tuck as this will help stabilize the upper traps a bit from their origin! . ✅ - The upper trap is a retractor and upward rotator in addition to being a scapular elevator. Try adding a little squeeze in the shoulder blades! ✅ - Control the movement! . Watch the end of the video for my FAVORITE way to strengthen the upper traps! Keep your hands slightly apart -- Having slight shoulder abduction will maximize upper trapezius activation by putting it in a more optimal line of pull with the muscle fibers.
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