Quadruped Shoulder Y’s and T’s With Resistance Band

Y’s and T’s are commonly practiced movements, and for good reason! These exercises will help strengthen the peri-scapular muscles including the mid and lower trapezius, serratus anterior, rotator cuff, and deltoid muscles. To maximize the benefit of performing these exercises, try these 2 tips. . 1.Place your contralateral arm on an elevated surface; I use a yoga block in the video. This will allow you to go through a more full range of motion. 2.Externally rotate the shoulder. This can be achieved by pointing your thumb towards the ceiling. In addition to opening up sub-acromial space, which will avoid shoulder impingement � This external rotation will help to better recruit the lower trapezius and rotator cuff muscles. . Note: Keep the core engaged to prevent rotation and/or extension of your low back!
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