Shoulder Activation Through ROM

Shoulder Stability Through Shoulder Elevation . Here are two great ways to strengthen the shoulder girdle throughout a range of shoulder flexion! Movement 1: ✅ For this exercise step out until you find a good resistance for yourself. Then begin to slowly elevate your arm focusing on engaging the core and scapular retractors. This exercise is awesome for the lower traps due to the scapular retraction with simultaneous upward rotation. Note: This is very similar to the sidelying forward flexion that Cools et al 2007 demonstrated as the top 4 exercises for best lower trap to upper trap ratio. . Movement 2: ✅ Find a load that you like to use for side lying external rotation exercises. Isometrically hold the starting position for the sidelying external rotation exercises then slowly elevate your arm as high as you comfortably can. This will burn your posterior cuff in a good way! . Tag someone that can benefit from shoulder stability! . Citation: Cools et al 2007. Rehabilitation of Scapular Muscle Balance: Which Exercises To Prescribe?
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