Shoulder Stability Exercises

💪🏻 Shown in these videos are some of our favorite SHOULDER STABILITY [P]REHAB EXERCISES. We absolutely love closed chain exercises (hand on the ground) for introducing and progressing shoulder stability exercises. In closed chain, you not only got good proximal activation of the entire pillar (hips, core, shoulders), but also nice co-contraction of the shoulder girdle and rotator cuff musculature.   🤗 These exercises can be used for someone with a bit of a "tweaked" shoulder as part of a warm up before bench day/press day, or as a comprehensive rehab program to be done on off days. They are ordered from easier to hardest.   Some things to keep in mind: ➡️You must learn how to actively protract and engage the serratus anterior first before progressing through these exercises. See the video of Mike cueing Arash in the high plank position ➡️Progress difficulty of the exercises by moving from 2 hands to 1 hand. ➡️Movement can be added in any plane of motion (think bear crawls in multiple directions) ➡️I personally like posteriorly directed movements like the yoga push up plus of backwards bear crawls, as it facilitates active scapular upward rotation.   🏋️♂️We also included a kettlebell arm bar which is an open chain exercise. KB arm bars can be progressed in a variety of ways to add further demands to the exercise. You can get as creative as you want with KB arm bars!
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