Shoulder Program For The Overhead Athlete, Phase 3/3

We have broke down a study conducted in 2017 by Andersson et al. which examined the effects of shoulder injury prevention program implemented 3x/week during a 7-month handball season. The study was a prospective cluster randomized control trial that included participation of 45 teams equating to 660 players. . The program was developed to: 1. shoulder internal rotation (IR) 2. external rotation (ER) 3. Scapular muscle strength 4. Kinetic chain & T/S mobility. . 5 exercises were selected & were employed as the teams’ warm-up &, took approx. 10 mins. to perform. These 5 exercises were progressed in 3 phases. . Impairments/risk factors are similar for most overhead athletes including: total shoulder rotation (ER greater than IR), ER weakness & scapula dyskinesis (faulty shoulder blade movement). This will cause anterior humeral head translation, posterior cuff tightness, chronic capsular stress ultimately resulting in ­ risk of rotator cuff & labrum pathology. . Results: 28% lower risk of shoulder problems & 22% lower risk of substantial shoulder problems in the intervention group compared w/ the control group who performed routine warm-up. . Phase 3 weeks 13-24 1. Push-up plus with backward slide a. Drive shoulder blades toward the floor and out b. Maintain neutral spine position and shoulder stability c. 3 x 8-16 reps 2. D2 PNF Slow Arm Lowering a. Preposition shoulder blades back and down b. Rotate trunk with both arms to tension elastic band c. Slowly lower band (eccentrically) across body engaging posterior shoulder musculature. d. 3 x 8-16 reps 3. Wall Angeles a. Maintain forearms, head, sacrum and heel against wall b. Maintain neutral cervical & lumbar spine position c. 3 x 8-16 reps 4. Partner Cross body stretch a. Maintain shoulder at 90 degrees b. Partner blocks shoulder blade from moving and moves elbow across body c. Stretch perceived in back of shoulder d. 3 x 30 seconds 5. Reverse catch PNF D2 Diagonal Pattern a. Pre-position shoulder blade back and down b. Catch ball with thumbs pointing behind you c. Slowly lower ball across body with thumb down position. d. 3 x 10-20 reps
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