Shoulder Program For The Overhead Athlete, Phase 2/3

Reduce Risk of Shoulder Pain for Overhead Athlete’s! Phase 2 of 3 . We have collaborated with @tennisprehablab breaking down a study conducted in 2017 by Andersson et al. which examined the effects of shoulder injury prevention program implemented 3x/week during a 7-month handball season. The study was a prospective cluster randomized control trial that included participation of 45 teams equating to 660 players. . The program was developed to ­ 1. shoulder internal rotation (IR) 2. external rotation (ER) 3. Scapular muscle strength 4. Kinetic chain & T/S mobility. . 5 exercises were selected & were employed as the teams’ warm-up &, took approx. 10 mins. to perform. These 5 exercises were progressed in 3 phases. . Impairments/risk factors are similar for most overhead athletes including: total shoulder rotation (ER greater than IR), ER weakness & scapula dyskinesis (faulty shoulder blade movement). This will cause anterior humeral head translation, posterior cuff tightness, chronic capsular stress ultimately resulting in ­ risk of rotator cuff & labrum pathology. . Results: 28% lower risk of shoulder problems & 22% lower risk of substantial shoulder problems in the intervention group compared w/ the control group who performed routine warm-up. . Phase 2: Weeks 7-12 . 1. Push up plus plank with Passing a. Drive shoulder blades toward floor “push up plus position” b. Maintain shoulder & pelvic stability c. 3 x 8-16 reps 2. Standing Bow and Arrow a. Pre-position shoulders by lifting chest & pulling shoulders down back b. Follow through w/ arm & trunk rotation . 3. Wall Slide: “Dynamic Latissimus dorsi stretch” a. Slide arms upward b. Maintain forearms neutral or slightly inward c. Maintain neutral spine d. 3 x 8-16 reps . 4. Partner Cross body stretch a. Maintain shoulder at 90° b. Partner blocks shoulder blade from moving and moves elbow across body c. Stretch perceived in back of shoulder d. 3x30 seconds . 5. Drop and Catch a. Keep elbow & Shoulder at 90° b. Drop ball and catch quickly c. Return to start position d. Small .5 kg med ball to start e. 3 x 10-20 reps Citation: Andersson, Stig Haugsboe, et al. "Preventing overuse shoulder injuries among throwing athletes: a cluster-randomised controlled trial in 660 elite handball players." Br J Sports Med 51.14 (2017): 1073-1080
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