Shoulder Preparation Using Crossover Symmetry

Here is a Shoulder preparation routine I like to use prior to an upper body day in the gym or I like to prescribe prior to competing for any overhead athlete. Perform 5 repetitions of each. . 1️⃣Shoulder External Rotation with arms at side 2️⃣Shoulder T’s 3️⃣Shoulder External Rotation with arms elevated to 90 degrees of abduction 4️⃣Shoulder Internal Rotation- Don’t forget Subscapularis is the strongest rotator cuff muscle 5️⃣Resisted Wall Angel . I particularly like this cross over symmetry unit because of the external demand into horizontal adduction, this also allows me to go through more range of motion with exercises such as the T or shoulder external rotation with arms at side compared to a normal pulley with the anchor directly in front of my shoulder.
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