Shoulder Prep – 2

  • HOW: Anchor bands and grab one in each hand facing the high anchor. The first exercise is a shoulder T. Perform this by keeping your elbows straight and pulling the bands from in front of your chest backwards to make a “T” symbol. Next, perform a row with shoulder external rotation. Do this by pulling the bands in while you keep your elbows in at your side. As you row back, rotate your arms outward. The final exercise is scapula push up. Get in the push up position and while keeping your elbows straight and bring your shoulder blades back. Once they are as far back as you can go, push into the ground rotating them forward. Perform 10 reps for each exercise. 
  • FEEL: You should feel all your shoulder muscles working, especially in the back of your shoulder blades.
  • COMPENSATION: Keep your traps relaxed for both band exercises. Keep your back flat for the push up exercise.

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