Shoulder Posterior Mobilization

Weather you have adhesive capsulitis or want to improve your shoulder mobility, demonstrated here is a great way to improve shoulder Internal and External rotation (IR and ER). -Here I lay down supine on a mat with a mobilization band put as PROXIMAL as possible on my Humerus. This will allow me to get a stretch at my Gleno-humeral joint, by inducing a DISTRACTIVE force. Make sure to move as far away as you need to for an optimal traction. -I will then pick up a dumbbell (I want to note that this video uses far too light of a dumbbell to induce a posterior glide of my Humerus on my glenoid cavity) Ideally I want to use a dumbbell 35-40 pounds and up (to allow for proper posterior translation) -I will then SLOWLY rotate my Humerus into end ranges of internal and external rotation. If you would like, you can also oscillate at end-range of either IR or ER. -Perform this for 5 minutes, then reassess your internal and external rotation range of motion. Note: Although this exercise is designed to be for improving mobility, it will challenge your shoulder stabilizers to maintain your shoulder in 90 degrees of elevation. To make this even more functional, you can rotate 30 degrees away form the pull of the resistance band, which will allow you to stabilize in the SCAPULAR plane.
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