Shoulder Plank + Y’s, T’s, & I’s

For this exercise: โœ…Begin in a plank position with your scapula's engaged. You can see the protraction in the scapula, maintain this position for the entirety of this exercise โœ…Elevate one arm off the floor, make sure to keep the core engaged here- avoid rotation of the trunk โœ…With the elevated arm perform 5 rep's of Y's, T's, and I's. Switch sides. Repeated this for 3 sets. This will absolutely exhaust your shoulders! โœ…To progress this exercise, grab a light dumbbell in the arm that will be elevating into the Y, T, and I position. โœ…You can regress this exercise by going onto your knees, this will decrease over demand at the core and shoulders . With this exercise try performing the Y and T with External rotation of the shoulder, notice how the thumb is pointing toward the ceiling. With the I perform with the palm facing the floor. . Implement this with your Shoulder day and let us know your how it goes! Don't forget to tag us in your story when Prehabing!
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