Shoulder Pain With Bench Pressing

The barbell bench press is arguably one of the most effective movements in developing strength and power in the upper body. It’s a great way to train the primary pushers of the upper body, including the pectoralis group, the deltoids, and the triceps. Despite the bench press being such a vital movement to help with horizontal pushing, it is one of those movements that often times are limited secondary to shoulder pain, frequently in the front part of the shoulder. If bench pressing creates irritation in your shoulder, the answer is not to avoid bench pressing for 6 weeks, then one day magically you will be capable of bench-pressing pain-free. The worst thing to do is doing nothing, which would lead to even more weakness thus creating more of an issue. This video will take you through 3 steps to allow you to bench press without shoulder pain. Whether it’s biceps tendinopathy, subacromial impingement, rotator cuff pathologies, labral pathologies, Stenoclavicular or acromioclavicular joints issues, it doesn’t matter. These steps don't change much with different pathologies. Although this article is largely discussing how you can train around pain, it is important to note that these steps are also from a prehab lens in potentially minimizing the risk of future injury. Here are the 3 steps!
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