Shoulder Inferior Glide With Band

"Movement with Mobilization of the Shoulder Joint” If limited shoulder elevation (Abduction or Flexion) is due to a hypomobile shoulder, a movement with mobilization is a great way to IMPROVE MOBILTY. The arthrokinematics of the Glenohumeral joint that occur with arm elevation consists of the Head of the Humerus rolling superiorly while gliding inferiorly. Therefore, if the inferior capsule is restricted the arm will not elevate to it’s ideal range of motion. When the head of the humerus rises high with elevation, this leads to impingement. To perform this exercise- step back allowing your shoulder to get into full flexion, with the band wrapped around the head of your humerus pull inferiorly towards the ground & hold for a couple seconds (this will stretch the inferior Glenohumeral joint capsule). -Another option is to oscillate at end-range of shoulder flexion demonstrated by the last repetition in the video. Note- find the restriction in YOUR capsule, this is done by pulling in slightly different angles in the inferior direction, until you find a pocket where the capsule feels tight. *See a local skilled physical therapist confirm that limited shoulder mobility is due to a hypomobile shoulder joint before you crank on it with a band.
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