Shoulder Standing Around The World

Here is a mobility drill that I perform prior to each Upper Extremity day and here is why. Ideally a Warm-up will do these 4 things: 1. Increase tissue temperature 2. Prime mobility 3. Awaken the Nervous System 4. Rehearse impending movement of training The reason I like this warm-up is that it achieves the first three of the four things on this list. For this exercise: -Start with your feet shoulder width from each other, abduct your arm 90 degrees, so that the distance you are from the wall is approximately that of your upper arm. -Start with your hand by your side in a supinated position. -While keeping your elbow STRAIGHT, elevate your arm up until you are at complete arm elevation. During arm depression PRONATE and INTERNALLY ROTATE your Humerus until you are back at your starting/anatomical position. -This may not be an appropriate distance for you! To regress take a small step out from the wall until you find the just right challenge of your shoulder mobility. If this distance is too easy take a step closer towards the wall. As you can see this is still challenging for me, and I am continuing to work on my shoulder mobility as well. Note: Make sure to AVOID compensating with rotation. Make sure to keep your shoulders squared during the entire drill! Tag someone who can benefit from this post!
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